Established in 1990, our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit offers emergency and critical services for premature infants and critically full-term babies born at Edappal Hospitals Pvt Ltd, and those transferred from outside hospitals. Edappal Hospitals Pvt Ltd NICU manages newborn infants with extreme prematurity (28 weeks gestation or less) or extremely low birth weight (1000 gm or less) or those who have severe and/or complex illness and have the most specialised needs that require advanced level care and services. The unit provides a broad range of paediatric medical subspecialties, paediatric surgical specialities and other services. Using a multidisciplinary approach our NICU is staffed and trained to provide continuous mechanical ventilator support and utmost medical and therapeutic care to ailing infants. The NICU is equipped with the latest life-saving technology, and is manned by expert Neonatologists (Doctors specializing in newborn baby care) and specially trained to care for the most complex and high-risk situations among newborns. Close collaboration between nurses, physicians, support staff and parents facilitate the infants’ wellbeing both at the hospital and after discharge.


  • Advanced respiratory support and physiologic monitoring
  • Laboratory and imaging facilities
  • Nutrition and pharmacy support with paediatric expertise
  • Social services
  • Fetomaternal unit
  • Genetic lab

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