BDS,MDS (ENDODONTICS), Asst Prof.MDC,Root canal & Cosmetic Dentist



  • BDS
  • Asst Prof.MDC
  • Root canal & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Fazalu Rahman PV (BDS, MDS) strives to offer the best dental services & treatments in EDAPPAL HOSPITALS _ D32 CARE DENTAL CLINIC Established in 2015, with over 10 years of experience in dentistry. With our high-quality services and professionalism, we the D32care team are hailed to be the best dental clinic in Edappal. We introduce you to our panel of experts in diverse fields of dentistry waiting at your disposal to grant you specialized treatments. Our team is equipped to offer 24-hour trauma care, treatment for dentofacial anomalies, and a lot more. We provide dental services under general anesthesia and render extra care for pregnant mothers and patients with special needs. We are proud to let the world know that we are the first NABH Accredited dental clinic in Ponnani taluk. We hold our ISO Certification and are always at your service.

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